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Registration for Frederick District Lay Servant Academy 2022


·        The Frederick District Lay Servant Committee reserves the right to cancel classes for insufficient registration
         and will give as much notice as possible, so you can register for another class or request a refund.

·        No babysitting services are offered.

·        No absences are permitted for classes that are to be completed on a 2-day time frame.

·        Classes that are one day on a 5-week time frame may have a one-day excused absence for an unusual
         hardship. However, left up to the discretion of the instructor, the student should make up the session missed.


CLASS COST: Does not include the required text.

·        Registration is $35 (Please contact Tonia Bennett, 410-309-3480, if you would like to pay by check)

Required text(s) need to be purchased prior to class by the student, and reading assignments that are sent by the instructor need to be completed prior to attending class. The texts may be purchased through:

Be sure to keep a copy of the certificate you will receive upon completion of the course. It will be needed along with a signed and approved Certified Lay Servant and Certified Lay Speaker Application to become a Certified Lay Servant. You will also need copies of both the Basic completion certificate and the advanced completion certificate for your annual report for Church Conference each year.

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